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11th Annual Andrew Dunn Walk/Run

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See Photos & Results 10th Annual Andrew Dunn Walk/Run

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Our Walk/Run’s signature event is the Andrew Dunn Walk/Run, held each year on the Saturday of the Mother’s Day weekend in May, in Oakbank, Manitoba.

11th Annual Andrew Dunn Walk/Run
Thank you to everyone who helped to make the 11th Annual Andrew Dunn Walk/Run on May 13, 2017 a great success. We appreciate your support.

11th Annual Walk/Run Photos- 2017

Results- 10th Annual Walk/Run- 2017

Thank You Sponsors and Supporters- 2017

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Our 2016 media coverage, thank you to sponsors, congratulations to our top fundraisers, race results and photos, as well as race results and photos from previous events are posted on our Media page.

Other Mental Health Events
In addition to our signature annual event, supports mental health education initiatives and events. We sponsor the Putting a Face to Suicide Conference in partnership with the Health Sciences Centre. 

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)
Mondays Sept. 18 to Nov. 13 at 6:30 pm
Saturday Nov. 4 Full Day
Oakbank United Church, 582 Balsam, Oakbank MB
Registration Fee $30

Contact Sue

MBSR Poster

Meat Draw Fridays in Support of
License Number LGA 6595-RF

Kelly's Bar and Grill
520 Main St. in Oakbank, Manitoba
Tickets on sale at 5:15 pm

$5 for six tickets, tickets discarded after each draw
Draws at 5:45 and 6:15 pm
Three prizes per draw
Meat Draw Fridays Poster

An emotionally difficult but beautiful poem submitted to us by a lovely, courageous young lady who has requested to remain anonymous
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What do I remember about that day
I remember my Mom telling me
What had happened all those years ago
The memories from when I was three
What do I remember about that day
I remember the feeling of putting two and two together
How every weird memory made sense
How there was that void
What do I remember about that day
Thinking why does this have to happen
What was it that triggered it
Why did it have to happen now
It was good and gone for so long
What do I remember about my birthday
It's more like why didn't he remember
What do I remember about that night
Scared and shaking and tears
Trying to put on a brave face
What do I remember about that night
Why, why, why did that happen
Why here, why now, why not then
Why do I still not know why
What do I remember about that night
I remember that it won't be normal again

Get Professional Help
Make a donation through Mood Disorders Association of Manitoba

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