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Springfield Connections
11:30 am to 3 pm Wednesday - No charge

Springfield Library, 60 024 Hwy 206. Dugald, Manitoba

Connections is a mental health and wellness group open to anyone who feels they might benefit from connecting with others in a non-judgemental, positive and supportive environment. We enjoy social activities including a monthly potluck, good conversations, planned outings, games, crafts, fun exercise groups and educational workshops. All activities are optional to each individual and there is no charge to attend. This group was established by and is facilitated by the Mood Disorders Association of Manitoba Outreach Manager.

For more information about this wonderful group or to confirm what activities have been planned for the week, please contact Judy at 204-444-5228 or


After A Suicide - Trailer from Electric Monk Media on Vimeo.

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A Mother’s Journal by Judy Dunn
Judy shares her thoughts and experiences in her own growth and recovery, with hope for the future.

Judy with Lloyd Robertson

Judy with Lloyd Robertson at the MDAM's Third National Conference in March 2013. The recently retired news anchor for CTV shared his own personal story about living with his mother's mental health issues.

March 22, 2013
With the Strength and Support of Many, We Can Make a Difference

It's March 22 and we are working on the 7th walk/run. It's so hard to believe that it has been more than 6 years since I lost Andrew. What a crazy, unexpected and unwanted ride it has been since that time!

I miss my son every day, and not a day goes by that I don't think of him. Sometimes I see someone who reminds me of him, or maybe I'll see a little white Focus Hyundai like the one he used to drive, or get a whiff of someone's cologne that brings me right back to him, as if it were yesterday. I sometimes think that the sense of smell is one of the strongest senses… I can be walking through a mall, with my mind on something completely different and be sent right back in time instantly with a brief hint of his scent breezing by me.

I have met some incredible people since Andrew's death. Although I would trade everything to have him back, I am so very grateful for the opportunities that this tragedy has given me. I get the opportunity to work with some motivating, caring people through my work with the Mood Disorders Association of Manitoba (MDAM), the amazing and supportive people who have been a part of our organization and the walk/run through these last 6 years, the generous and selfless volunteers, and the inspirational individuals that I have met at the events. Many of these people are also living with the tragic loss of a loved one, as I am.

All of these positive people and treasured relationships help to keep me grounded and optimistic, and I will forever be in their debt. This tragedy has also brought me even closer to my son, Robert and I cherish and love him with all of my heart. Love you big time, Robert!!

So you may notice that so far this little blog has a very common theme throughout it. Without others supporting us, life can be overwhelming. But, with the strength of many, we can make it and make a difference too while on this crazy journey we call life…

Andrew Dunn Memory Quilt

Memory Quilt
Some ladies from a nearby Hutterite Colony lovingly pieced together this quilt and pillows for Judy from some of Andrew's left over clothing. This has been most comforting to be able to have a piece of Andrew to hold on to since his death.

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